Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Fixed Stars

Interesting to see how few actual resources there are for working with them from an Astrological Magic standpoint. Working through this point in my coursework, and learned that the Picatrix has no use for them; Agrippa himself refers to other Hermetic sources. I wonder how their use will be affected by them being in different Houses from when written; what House the Fixed star is in must certainly have an effect on how it's power is expressed. Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos describes their various natures as one combination or another of the Planets. This is interesting; it implies (to me, at least) that these powers and Virtues are of a nature that must be expressed through mediation of the Planets. Either that, or Ptolemy was just using the familiarity of the reader with the Planets to more easily describe the nature of the Fixed Stars. Ha.  I wonder at their personalities; the Planets are very accessible, and are clear in their Natures, but the Fixed stars seem so much "further away", they seem remote. Alien. I have't attempted to meet one in ritual yet. I'll post my results when I do.

Probably won't be Algol, though. Just FYI. Contact that fellow on your own time....

Friday, March 11, 2011

5th Mansion of the Moon Talisman-Al Thakah


This talisman and the election was interesting...mostly because it worked! I can't say I've ever used astrological magic to induce a dream before, and I'm stoked it worked out. Al-Thakah, according to Picatrix, can be used to receive answers about a variety of questions, including Alchemy. Well....I'm always looking for more information about Alchemy.

I found a time when Luna was in the 5th Mansion (Al-Thakah), and was unafflicted. No aspects to the Malefic planets Saturn and Mars, not Combust the Sun. She was just separating from a trine with Mercury, which was a good sign, as Alchemical works fall under the sway of Mercury. Mercury is also lord of can't hurt to have him working for you when you want information.

I'm still growing accustomed to using traditional methods to make these talismans. In the Picatrix, and in within the Mansions of the Moon system, (basically in traditional Astrological Magic) one draws down the Virtue/force of the Planet by creating Images. This is old-school magic, like the shamans who would paint the images of animals upon walls, in order to ensure a good hunt. I think this felt much more powerful to our ancestors, because an Image of something was hard to come by. There weren't any cameras or internets, you had to draw things yourself.Well, regardless of how it feels nowadays, it works. I have to throw myself deeply into the prayers and incantations a bit more, as even treated paper can feel pedestrian for me at times. It's so easy to acquire, and so often used for inconsequential things, it can feel of little value.

I've used elixirs and the like to "impregnate" papers for good result, and they definitely add the "valuable" feel to the paper, but I think that I need to re-connect with the Wonder of images. I'm going to start making all my images in skin-parchments from now on...ha.  Anyway, an image, drawn correctly, can have great sympathetic power in all sorts of Magic.

When the elected time came around, I cleared my office, turned off the lights and whipped out the prayer rug. Said my prayers to Luna, and invoked the spirits of the Sphere about me. The image of the Mansion was dancing about in my mind--a crowned King, a dis-embodied head with Stars in his brow. I held the image in my mind as I drew it upon the paper, and wrote my request down. I asked Luna to grant my request, and "felt" an affirmative. Good times. Wrapped up the paper, gave thanks, gave licence to depart, and ended the ritual.

Now the tricksy part. I place the image underneath my pillow (as instructed), and went to sleep. I had many, many dreams. They were many and strange, in the way that dreams tend to be. The information came in chunks, and not as a single person showing up to teach. I've got a dream journal I've been using to train myself to remember my dreams (I've had middling success, not bad at all), and without that practice more of the information would have been lost. No sense in even attempting this sort of dreaming-magic if you haven't done the work to hold the dreams in your waking consciousness. It's not difficult, just a matter of discipline. As it was, I only saved about half what I learned from the waking fugue. I'm thinking I'll use a bit of divination to get the rest, perhaps by election. We'll see.

I will definitely use this Mansion of Luna again.

***Edited to correct the Arabic name of the mansion.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work With Mars to prevent Illness


According to the Picatrix, Mars is the giver and repeller of dis-ease...I had a nephew who came down with Scarlet fever a couple days ago (people still get this?), and we were all exposed during family dinner. Needless to say, I don't want any of that business infecting my house...and would love to help my nephew get clear. So, petition time! Yesterday was Tuesday, Mars' Day of Rulership. Picked an hour and got to work. Performing ritual outside, so no GIRH's, unfortunately. Have to improvise something.

I used a simple ritual to get into touch....lacking a red candle, I used 5 white candles (linking to Geburah) atop the Kamea of Mars in my workbook. All out of Martian planetary incense, but plenty of tobacco and a well broken in pipe. Also have a powerful-strong Garlic elixir I made a bit ago. Tobacco is under Mars' rulership according to lore. Performed protective ritual, lit pipe. Circumambulated 5 times about the altar, puffing away on the pipe. Suffumigating with tobbacco. This was interesting....I smoke maybe 10 times in a year, and only mouth-smoke. Not exactly prepared for mouth-fulls of the stuff in rapid succession. Thankfully, random coughing fits don't appear to be a deterrent for Mars granting petitions.

On a side note...rapid puffing doesn't hurt the trance process at all, ha.

After this I returned to the front of the Altar, and intoned the incantation from Picatrix for Mars. I felt tuned in almost immediately after, and Mars' image floated in my minds eye. Drank the garlic elixir in his honor. I made my petition, and asked if the tobacco was a suitable offering. He was pleased with it, and required a I burn a bowl in his honor. Ouch.

He granted my petition, which was fantastic. Left me bloody-minded for the evening, with dreams full of conflict and the like. This is standard fare for me when working with Mars. I'll have to check my natal and see how he's positioned.

Just thought I'd share. All in all, a good bit of work.


General/Unclear question analyzed.

Lindsays chart


Basically, "What is going on in my life, and where do I need to apply
myself in Order to move forward?"

Since the Horary question asked was very general, and not specific as to
what area of life or subject to focus, the Chart will be understood
to represent her general state.

Asked Januarry 27th, @ 12:11

The house that represents Lindsay, the first House, is Piscess. It's
ruler is Jupiter, planet of beneficience and joy and celebration. This
would imply that a primary concern of the querent is wealth and big shocker, of course.

Jupiter is in the second house, but within the Orb of the first house, which is
Pisces. This is Jupiter's house of Rulership, and places it powerfully.But just so.

Saturn is in his Exaltation, and so very powerful, and is separating from a
square conjunction with Mercury; Saturn represents the things of the world,
such as Health, Employment, etc. Saturn is in the 8th house, a house of death
and loss and anguish of Mind. Saturn is not in aspect with Jupiter, which
indicates it's influence will be less than direct.

That it is separating from Mercury suggests
an opportunity for positive change in the Areas under it's rule, and that 
recently there has been great difficulty in those areas. Loss of income, insecurity, worry...etc.  That the
planets Saturn and Mercury are separating from one another points to there
being great anguish of mind in the immediate past, and that this anguish
is dulling...that there is an opportunity to seperate from this anguish.

Mercury is in the 11th house, which signifies friendships and associations;
Mercury is separating from sextile with the Moon, which is in it's Fall. This points to
changes in friendships, and loss of illusion. Loss of friendship, but not
one that is necessarily bad. The poorly situated moon suggests that this
friendship is not what one thought it might be.

The Sun is in Aquarius, his detriment. He is also in the 12th House, which
is a house of affliction, and self-undoing. It is conjunt with Mars, making
that Planet combust. This signifies to me energy applied and wasted on
self-destructive situitions.Venus is semi-square the Sun, which suggests
difficulty with love, self-love and relational love. The conjunction with
the Sun would suggest that there are self-undoing tendencies existent in
love relationships. Venus finds herself in the 10th house, the house representing
one's profession. She is strong in essential dignity, but the conjunction
with the Sun suggests some difficulty in profession, and that energy that
could be spent on work that is loved has instead been misdirected into
self-undoing relationships.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The difference between Tropical and Sidereal Astrology

This is a poorly understood topic; at least, I understood it poorly. The differentiator is that Tropical Astrology--the astrology of the West--is Geocentric. The tropical Houses are based around the seasons of our Planet, with 1 Aries being the first day of spring. The advantage of this is that it frees us from concerns about Processions that Vedic and other Eastern Astrologers need to worry about it.  Because of our roots in Hermetic philosophy, we understand that Geocentric is also person-centric. Using a Tropical Zodiac fits quite nicely into the Macrocosmic/Microcosmic understandings of our forebears in this Art. It puts the person at the center, and builds out the spiritual forces from the perspective of the world/person.