Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interesting Writer

John Frawley seems to know what he's taking about, and has nothing but derision for the modern-styled Astrologer. I hadn't realized the lines where drawn so sharply between the Classically styled and the Moderns....I've yet to read a (living) Horary Astrologer who didn't think modern Astrology was a discipline packed with fools. I don't know enough yet to determine whether this is unfortunate or simply a truthful view of the Modern, but I hope that as I develop as in classical Astrology I'll see reason to respect the moderns as well. We'll see. Perhaps this derision is deserved.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Studying, studying, studying


There is much more depth to this discipline than I initially understood. There is an amazing tradition of Horary Astrology, and Astrological Magic. There has been a rich flowering of traditional sources that has opened up this field to the dedicated and focused aspirant. Three things in particular stand out for me:

Christopher Warnock/John Michael Greer's translation of the Picatrix (not having to learn Latin to read this is like a miracle). Those two gentlemen are both respected and experienced their books, and support them. Frater Warnock and his website served as great inspiration for me in this area. He offers classes in Horary Astrology and classical magic. I'm planning to study the classical texts and developing myself, and taking Fra Warnock's classes as funds allow. His Spiritus Mundi group is an excellent resource for the aspiring Astrologer.

My plan is to perform one Election/interpret one Chart each day, for a couple of years. Experience paired with study should get the job done....I'll also be working classical Astrological Magic, as described in the Picatrix and in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy. I'm currently working through Christian Astrology, as it seems to be a root tome for understanding the Horary mysteries.

One thing that has been ridiculously convenient--if a bit unromantic--is the abundance of software available for creating Horoscopes. I took the time to learn how to do it the hard way, using an Ephemeris. Hard work, but it gave me a visceral understanding of how the Planets and Sign move within one another. I had a rather romanticized view of things, and thought I would just do it the old school way...until I tried the ZET software. It makes me sad for some reason, but Not using software is just foolish. I'm a lot more prone to make mistakes than the software, may as well use the best tools available.