Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Fixed Stars

Interesting to see how few actual resources there are for working with them from an Astrological Magic standpoint. Working through this point in my coursework, and learned that the Picatrix has no use for them; Agrippa himself refers to other Hermetic sources. I wonder how their use will be affected by them being in different Houses from when written; what House the Fixed star is in must certainly have an effect on how it's power is expressed. Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos describes their various natures as one combination or another of the Planets. This is interesting; it implies (to me, at least) that these powers and Virtues are of a nature that must be expressed through mediation of the Planets. Either that, or Ptolemy was just using the familiarity of the reader with the Planets to more easily describe the nature of the Fixed Stars. Ha.  I wonder at their personalities; the Planets are very accessible, and are clear in their Natures, but the Fixed stars seem so much "further away", they seem remote. Alien. I have't attempted to meet one in ritual yet. I'll post my results when I do.

Probably won't be Algol, though. Just FYI. Contact that fellow on your own time....


Anonymous said...

Algol is scary, downright scary. I sure wish it will be Regulus you will contact.

I can't imagine what miracles will happen! lol

Unknown said...

Haha, right on! I plan on giving Algol a wide berth for a while....

Anonymous said...

I'm curious Fra,

I know the constellations known as the Fixed stars are a bunch of "Suns" (stars) and each constellation definitely has an intelligence, spirit or angel assigned; then what about our own Sun if joined with some other stars from far away places?

Curious Anon

Unknown said...

Fra Anon,

The power of the Sun within our own system is such that it would eclipse the influence of a distant star paired with it to such an extent as to make the other star, which as a distant entity can hold no where near the sway and power of the Sun over our existence, ineffectual.

That isn't to say that our Sun doesn't serve as part of a constellational intelligence for entities that live on some distant Planetary sphere.....

Anonymous said...

I see, thank you for your reply Fra.


Unknown said...

If we abandon the geocentric worldview, I wonder if there's any spiritual progress to be made by contacting intelligences such as Algol. I'm plenty okay with viewing our solar system as a "school" for human souls (to what end, I leave to the reader's imagination), but I wonder if Algol is the equivalent of the crotchety, shotgun-wielding neighbor yelling "piss off!" over the fence. Is there anything to be gained by ringing his doorbell besides a whipping?

Turnsteel said...

I know its a bit late, but with all this Algol talk I just have to comment :).

In my opinion there is definitely something to be gained by working with Algol. I've started to work with the Spirit of Algol and have found in it a very strong protector and guide. Now, I should mention that I have Algol very prominently paced in my birth chart, so maybe its a case of Algol being predisposed to favoring me. But regardless I do not believe that anything should be discarded out of hand just because it has a bad reputation. To my mind that would be like never working with Saturn because he's the Greater Malefic.

Or maybe I'm just nuts,lol.

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