Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Horary


Here's my first attempt at Horary. I am clearly a novice, but let's hope that changes. I'm going to attempt a couple a day, and hope to be an expert in a years time.

Signs and Houses

Cancer Rising, in the first house
2nd house Leo
3rd house Virgo IC
4th house Libra
5th House Scorpio
6th House Sagitarius
7th House Capricorn-Descendant
8th House  Capricorn
9th House Aquarius
10th House Pisces MC
11th House Aries
12th House Gemini


Sun- 7 degrees 10 minutes Gemini    Dignity-in the twelfth House, poor
Moon- 15 degrees 12 minutes Sagitarius Dignity-none
Mercury- 12 degrees 26 minutes Taurus Dignity-none
Venus- 10 degrees 14 minutes Cancer-none
Mars- 25 degrees 5 minutes Leo-none
Jupiter-28 degrees 45minutes Pisces Dignity-Rulership/House +5
Saturn- 27 degrees 50 minutes Virgo Dignity-none

The Lord of the Ascendant is the Moon.

The Moon is in opposition to the Sun.

The Moon being in Opposition to the Sun creates tension between the two Planets.

What is the question?
Will Lieutenant **** survive his trip to Afghanistan?

Which House best fits the answer to this question?
The First House, as it has to do with the Life of a man, or the Eigth house, as it has to do with the quality of a man's death and the Nature of that Death.

Which Planet is the Almuten of the Figure (has the most dignities)?


The significator for the question is the Moon, which is in direct opposition to the Sun, symbol of life. The Significator is in a Cadent house and is therefore weak,
further skewing things negative. In the fourth House is Virgo, a barren sign, within which is Saturn. Saturn is in Opposition to Jupiter, the planet full of Joy and
Happiness. Finding Saturn, the lord of death, within the Fourth House which rules Death is also troubling. Perhaps Jupiter would have an ameliorating effect on Saturn
I would determine from this chart that **** will be in constant danger, and unlikely to return from this conflict alive.

*name replaced due to the nature of the question, which requires some sensitivity.



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