Thursday, June 17, 2010

When will Micah Walk?


Querent is Annie

Capricorn rising

Significator is Saturn, which is in the Virgo the 8th house, Square the Sun. Significator being Saturn suggests weakness or a feeling of weakness in the querent regarding the question, a feeling of being out of control and not powerful in this subject. 

Saturn is in opposition to Jupiter-not good, with Jupiter being a symbol of happiness and being directly opposed to the Querent. This does, however, create a dynamic energy between the two, and the difficulty and struggle inherent in this conjunction could also fuel the positive acquisition of the goal. It could provide drive for the querent. Jupiter is also Square to the Sun. This creates tension, which is necessary for accomplishing goals, but also frustration. The Sun being square of Saturn is a positive thing, with the  dire effects of Saturn on the health being moderated. 

The Moon is in conjunction with Mars, placed in Leo but Orbed into the 9th house of Virgo.  Being in the 9th House-representative of long journeys, and energized by Mars, a combatitive planet--walking will be a long term effort and a struggle. 

The fourth House is from where we judge Fathers, and in this instance there are no planets, implying a secondary role for the father in this particular matter. The Father is  a Taurus himself, further identifying with the House in this chart. 

House of the Question is the Fifth, (Gemini). Mercury is in Gemini. The Sun is in Gemini.

The significator for the Quesited (Micah) is Mercury. It is especially well aspected, as it is in the House it Rules. This tells me that the major decider here is when Micah himself is ready. 


The turned rising house Gemini. Both the Sun and Mercury are here; Mercury is the planet of the Quesited, and being in it's house of Rulership it is especially Strong, placing power and command of the issue within the Quesited's hands. The first House is also strongly connected to the Querent's health (quesited when turned); the Sun in this house implies renewal and positive health and fitness gains. He will definitely walk at some point. 

The Sun being square with Saturn (the Mother) and not directly square with Mercury (Micah) in this instance speaks to Annie being a heavy influence, but not the direct actor. Her actions influencing when Micah will walk, but unable to do the work for him, or to case the desired outcome on her own. It is heavily up to Micah, with Annie providing energy and inspiration. 

Micah will likely walk within 90 months.


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