Wednesday, February 2, 2011

General/Unclear question analyzed.

Lindsays chart


Basically, "What is going on in my life, and where do I need to apply
myself in Order to move forward?"

Since the Horary question asked was very general, and not specific as to
what area of life or subject to focus, the Chart will be understood
to represent her general state.

Asked Januarry 27th, @ 12:11

The house that represents Lindsay, the first House, is Piscess. It's
ruler is Jupiter, planet of beneficience and joy and celebration. This
would imply that a primary concern of the querent is wealth and big shocker, of course.

Jupiter is in the second house, but within the Orb of the first house, which is
Pisces. This is Jupiter's house of Rulership, and places it powerfully.But just so.

Saturn is in his Exaltation, and so very powerful, and is separating from a
square conjunction with Mercury; Saturn represents the things of the world,
such as Health, Employment, etc. Saturn is in the 8th house, a house of death
and loss and anguish of Mind. Saturn is not in aspect with Jupiter, which
indicates it's influence will be less than direct.

That it is separating from Mercury suggests
an opportunity for positive change in the Areas under it's rule, and that 
recently there has been great difficulty in those areas. Loss of income, insecurity, worry...etc.  That the
planets Saturn and Mercury are separating from one another points to there
being great anguish of mind in the immediate past, and that this anguish
is dulling...that there is an opportunity to seperate from this anguish.

Mercury is in the 11th house, which signifies friendships and associations;
Mercury is separating from sextile with the Moon, which is in it's Fall. This points to
changes in friendships, and loss of illusion. Loss of friendship, but not
one that is necessarily bad. The poorly situated moon suggests that this
friendship is not what one thought it might be.

The Sun is in Aquarius, his detriment. He is also in the 12th House, which
is a house of affliction, and self-undoing. It is conjunt with Mars, making
that Planet combust. This signifies to me energy applied and wasted on
self-destructive situitions.Venus is semi-square the Sun, which suggests
difficulty with love, self-love and relational love. The conjunction with
the Sun would suggest that there are self-undoing tendencies existent in
love relationships. Venus finds herself in the 10th house, the house representing
one's profession. She is strong in essential dignity, but the conjunction
with the Sun suggests some difficulty in profession, and that energy that
could be spent on work that is loved has instead been misdirected into
self-undoing relationships.


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