Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work With Mars to prevent Illness


According to the Picatrix, Mars is the giver and repeller of dis-ease...I had a nephew who came down with Scarlet fever a couple days ago (people still get this?), and we were all exposed during family dinner. Needless to say, I don't want any of that business infecting my house...and would love to help my nephew get clear. So, petition time! Yesterday was Tuesday, Mars' Day of Rulership. Picked an hour and got to work. Performing ritual outside, so no GIRH's, unfortunately. Have to improvise something.

I used a simple ritual to get into touch....lacking a red candle, I used 5 white candles (linking to Geburah) atop the Kamea of Mars in my workbook. All out of Martian planetary incense, but plenty of tobacco and a well broken in pipe. Also have a powerful-strong Garlic elixir I made a bit ago. Tobacco is under Mars' rulership according to lore. Performed protective ritual, lit pipe. Circumambulated 5 times about the altar, puffing away on the pipe. Suffumigating with tobbacco. This was interesting....I smoke maybe 10 times in a year, and only mouth-smoke. Not exactly prepared for mouth-fulls of the stuff in rapid succession. Thankfully, random coughing fits don't appear to be a deterrent for Mars granting petitions.

On a side note...rapid puffing doesn't hurt the trance process at all, ha.

After this I returned to the front of the Altar, and intoned the incantation from Picatrix for Mars. I felt tuned in almost immediately after, and Mars' image floated in my minds eye. Drank the garlic elixir in his honor. I made my petition, and asked if the tobacco was a suitable offering. He was pleased with it, and required a I burn a bowl in his honor. Ouch.

He granted my petition, which was fantastic. Left me bloody-minded for the evening, with dreams full of conflict and the like. This is standard fare for me when working with Mars. I'll have to check my natal and see how he's positioned.

Just thought I'd share. All in all, a good bit of work.



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