Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Errors =)

Well, that didn't take long. Caught my first error as well, and corrected....I hope.

 I've mis-red. Turns out, Saturn is in the 3rd house, not the 4th. the 8th house is the house of Death, not the fourth. Capricorn is in the Eight house,
which it rules. Saturn rules Capricorn; however, Saturn is in Libra, the House that rules Travel. Saturn is in Opposition to Jupiter, which is in it's house of Rulership
and very well dignified. Jupiter is the stronger planet here, and would exert an ameliorating influence on Saturn. The Moon and Significator is in opposition to the Sun;
it is in the 6th House, which is associated with sickness and disease.

I would draw from this that the Lietenant will perhaps acquire an injury over the course of this dangerous journey, but nothing serious. He will survive and return home!


The Unlikely Mage said...

(Tried to comment earlier but it doesn't seem to have gone through.)

I'm taking Zoller's natal astrology course and plan to take Warnock's other courses once that has passed. The 4th house does have a connection to the ends of situations (in Geomancy anyway) and lives but you're right that the 8th house does represent the actual death. So if you were doing a death reading you can look to the 4th to see the sort of circumstances that surround the native during that time frame. It's the difference between dropping dead quickly with your family near and in a good house (both 4th house issues) and dropping dead quickly homeless and alone. Of course those are just quick and dirty examples.

My horary experience is limited to my reading of Bonatti's considerations and the cross-over knowledge between Natal Astrology and Geomancy. I'm looking forward to studying your readings though. I'm glad that there are more pre-17th century astrologers appearing out here in blogs!

Frater A.I.T. said...

Thanks, Frater for the excellent comment!

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