Saturday, June 19, 2010

Will Daryl get the job at Yelp?

Querent: Christopher
Time:11:12pm 6/17/10

Significator for the Querent: Saturn

House of the Question: The 10th House, Scorpio

Significator of the Quesited: Mars 

Saturn is square the Sun, and in a Cadent House, with the Sun in a Succedent house. The Sun is more powerful, and is acting upon Saturn, which is in Virgo but orb Libra.

With the goal being to ascertain whether Daryl will get the job at Yelp he is interviewing for, I'll Turn the chart now in order to view Daryl's Tenth House, that signifies his profession.  His Tenth is Leo, in which we find Venus. Leo is a fiery house, the seat of fire. Venus is a the symbol of Love, suggesting love and happiness in his work. 

The conjunctions between Saturn and the Sun (square) and Mercury and the Moon (square) add layers.....Saturn square with Sun implies powerful moderation and prudence, while Mercury square with Luna (which is a general significator for the entire matter), with Mercury in it's house of rulership, imply strong change and fluidity. 

Mars, the significator for the quesited (in this instance representing Daryl) is not in conjunction with any of the other Planets, Mercury especially. I think this is significant, and implies that Daryl isn't truly invested in getting this particular job, despite having a strong urging for change.

I believe that Daryl will be offered the Job definitely, but may not accept if he deems it imprudent to do so. 




Dr. Raven said...

I just ran across your blog and I must say how interesting! The task of self-learning classical astrology seems so daunting, but more power to you! If I may ask what texts are you using for classical astrology, especially horary/predictive?

Anonymous said...

How come you chose mars as the quesited? If Christopher ask the question about someone else, then you take the ruler of the 7th house as that person and turn that house, which would make Venus the ruler of Daryls possible job. And by sitting on his 12th house theres little she can do directly to favor him.

Also, the Sun (ruler of the 7th house) which represents Daryl is about to change signs, so soon something will change the situation and probably render the question meaningless.

Also the moon is besieged between two malefics, so the question and answer doesn't bode well and usually it means the answer is No, and that there will be suffering because of this.

I recommend you John Frawley's book "The Horary Textbook". It will help you.

Frater A.I.T. said...

Hello Dr.Raven,

Please pardon the lengthy delay; I've been distracted and haven't been updating this particular blog as well as I should have.

I'm using William Lilly's works as my primary texts, with a few supplements.

Hope you are well, and thanks for the well wishes!


Frater A.I.T. said...


While I appreciate your input, we are going to have to disagree. I used the method delineated in Lilly, and thus far have found him to be a reliable source.

Also....the judgement was correct, so I'm inclined to explore this method a bit further. Thank you again,


Anonymous said...

So was Daryl offered with the job and did he decline it?

Frater A.I.T. said...

He was offered the job, but it wasn't a position a truly wanted, and so declined!

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